Casey Labrack

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Common Causes of Death at Every Age

Interactive. The top 15 causes of death, visualized and animated with HTML5 and D3.

Whoever Replaces Scalia, They'll Probably Have Gone to Harvard or Yale

Interactive. All Supreme Court judges nowadays have gone to Harvard or Yale, but the alma maters used to be a lot more diverse. Plots the last 100 years of Supreme Court schooling.

"Build a Wall" Is a Jobs Plan

Most reportage gives the average wage in America as $45k. But two-thirds of Americans make less than that. Arguably a more useful number is $30k, the median salary—what half of Americans actually make less than. The difference in average and median comes down to a big outlier: the incomes of the top 1%.

Congressman for under 10,000 votes

As a Texas legislator, Kenny Marchant drew safe seats for his party in Congress. Then he ran for one.

Cycles of the Serengeti

Interactive. Visualizes rainfall data for the Serengeti, then overlays the lifecycle of the local wildebeest.

Pete Campbell Hairline Watch

For the final half-season premiere, an infographic tracking the retreat of Pete Campbell’s hairline.


Dodge asteroids and extinction as a dino in this arcade-style game.

With Obama

Photoshopped memories of myself with the president.