The Selected Digital Works
of Casey Labrack



Videogame in the style of classic 1980s vector arcade shoot-'em-ups.

Maia Learns to Sleep


The full record of changings and feedings reveals how long it took baby Maia to start sleeping through the night.

Inequality Explorer


What people earn, pay in taxes, get in benefits, and what is left over, by income group and year. From the supplemental data files of the Congressional Budget Office.

Perlin noise portraits

#art  #toys  

A fun perlin noise field visualizer.

Availability of Real Grocery Stores in D.C.


Distance to the nearest grocery store for each neighborhood in D.C., an interesting social indicator.

Terminator Vision


Reconstructing images with many recursive squares, for funsies.

Tax Rates Pre- and Post-Reagan


A visual history tax rates in America, from post-New Deal to Reagan, Bush, and today.

A Map of Gunshots in D.C.


D.C. police have microphones throughout the city listening for gunshots. This map shows the density of gunshots by neighborhood.

With Obama


A project to insert myself in the official White House photographs of the Obama administration, for funsies.



Videogame about sidestepping extinction as a brontosaurus, in the style of classic vector arcade games.